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EAZIEDAGOD makes it his mission to push out positive vibes musically that attracts people of all ages. His individuality makes way for fresh sounds and timeless talent in today’s uniform industry.

Admired by Millions of Supporters, being an independent artist and building a Team, his stats are amazing.

Known for his bold style and intricate sound, he is easily set apart from conventional industry standards and is constantly evolving as in Independent Artist. Notorious for his vibrant personality, he effortlessly dominates any stage.

 Always leaving the crowd wanting more…

EAZIEDAGOD above all, lives for his fans and encourages them to chase their dreams and to live as God’s and Goddesses, Kings and Queens. They would all agree he never disappoints by always bringing the passion and intensity necessary for his unique sound.

Further progressing his indie movement, EAZIEDAGOD has released numerous  songs, which includes the popular sounds of   Tony “T-Money” Green, Young M.A, Feli Fame, & More. He maintains his unique sound  by never being compromised with conformity.


EAZIEDAGOD, being proud of his work and constantly encouraging his supporters, he states: “Don’t follow me follow your dreams, do what you love and love what you do”.

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